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Our Team

Directed by

John Rokosny


Produced by 

John Rokosny and Andriette Redmann


Edited by 

Patty Schumann


Sound Design by 

Thomas Ryan 


Music Composed by 

Frank London 


Color Grading and Visual Effects by 

Dave Steck, Numeric Pictures


Lola DiNizio

David Sherwyn 

Terry W. Stone 


Post Producer: 

Patty Schumann



Tosia Neiger McCormick


Nonprofit Partner:

Art Loisaida Foundation 

Carolyn Ratcliffe, Artistic Director/Treasurer 


Associate Producers:

Tasha Jakush, Phoebe Rose Sandford, 

Eric Weinstein, Matt Simon, 

Bryan Monzella, Monika Bartnik, 

Anna Marie Spallina 



Hanka Neiger Ablin, Lola DiNizio, 

Tosia Neiger McCormick

John Rokosny, Patty Schumann, 

Andriette Redmann


Cameras and Interviews: 

John Rokosny and Andriette Redmann


Book Filming:

Dave Steck, Numeric Pictures



Frank London - Trumpet

Meg Okura - Violin

Jane Scarpantoni - Cello

Tor Morten Kjøsnes - Piano

David Gold - Viola


Avon Faire:

Andriette Redmann - Vocals

Kath Green - Vocals

Anna Marie Spallina - Alto Recorder, Vocals 


Additional Musicians:

Fred Parcells - Trombone 

Steven “Goldy” Goldstein - Piano

Benjamin Neiger - Piano

Dr. Dana Rokosny - Viola

John Rokosny - Piano 

Anna Tam - Cello 

Jonathan Musgrave - Piano


Music Arranged by Tor Morten Kjøsnes


Additional Music Compositions:

“There is Nothing to Master Here” by Jane Scarpantoni

“Memorial Processional” by Gregory Singer

“Desire” by Benjamin Neiger 

“Sicilienne” & “Pavane Op. 50” by Gabriel Fauré 

“Durme, Durme” - Traditional, Arrangement by Avon Faire 


Music Production and Mix:

Roman Klun, Frank London, John Rokosny at Innsbruck Studio


Additional Recording: Ed Kessel


Book Illustrations: Russ Spitkovsky


Graphics & Illustrations: Geoffrey Green


Story Illustrations: Brian J. Dursee

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